Another Dishcloth

I just finished this dishcloth last night, I found it at the Dishcloth Boutique (pg 3) … I have been knitting a lot of dishcloths, mostly because they are quick and sort of “instant gratification” and you know we can all use a little of that sometimes!!

OH, it’s lovely :thumbsup:
I know exactly what you mean about instant gratification, too :wink: I knit a couple yesterday for my sil (she asked for some…some she will get :wink: ) and you are right, it is instant gratification :smiley:

Love the pattern!

Gorgeous dishcloth! (two words I never expected to use together in the same sentence)

VERY nice!

And I hear ya on the instant gratification type thing. I am all about those.

I am always envious of those that do those beautiful patterns. I have yet to try and learn them. :rollseyes:

It took me about 8 months to decide to try these types of patterns …

Wow, that’s really pretty! That stitch pattern and the color make it look very elegant!

How beautiful! and luxurious

I have wanted to learn to do dishcloths. I think they would make great teacher gifts. I am very new at knitting, so don’t think this is too much of a dumb question…but, what kind of yarn do you use to make dish clothes? I have some that other people have made and it doesn’t feel like normal yarn.

Love that stitch pattern!

wandawoman (great screen name BTW), any non-mercerised (sp?) 100% cotton yarn will do the trick for dishcloths.

That is beautiful!! Wow! :inlove:

I love Dishcloth Boutique–it is a great place to find interesting stitch patterns, even if one doesn’t plan on making a dishcloth! :thumbsup:

Good I was wondering what to use.

Somehow through out my life I have been called that, so I just made me my screen name and I have 3 children.

That’s a pretty pattern

Cotton … Peaches N’ Cream, Sugar N’ Cream those are the 2 I use mostly … but some people use cotton blends as well

Cotton … Peaches N’ Cream, Sugar N’ Cream

I have looked at these yarns, but never purchased them. I will have too now. Thanks

That’s lovely! I too love doing dishcloths, both knitting and crocheting.

Beautiful stitches! :heart: (I love your KH name by the way :smiley: )

That’s beautiful!

So pretty!

Very nice!!! :cheering: