Another Dazzle Hat question

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I had a question a few days ago regarding this pattern. Thread is here: Dazzle Hat Question It includes the instructions for the part I’m knitting. I think I must be off in my turns or something because my hat is knitting unevenly. At first I wasn’t concerned, since it’s working short rows, but the larger the gap got, I realized I must be doing something wrong. Does anyone have any advice or can they tell what I’m doing incorrectly?

I don’t have the pattern but it looks to me like the next wedge will use the slipped stitches from this initial wedge. The first row of the pink wedge would be knit from the slipped sts along the blue arrow.
Skip in the directions to the next wedge and see if that is what’s happening.

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I’m not experienced enough to be able to tell from the second wedge instructions if it will meet up, but it does mention rejoining in the round, It doesn’t mention picking up the slipped stitches though:

Round 1 (rs): s3pwyb, pm. With color A, knit row. Remove previous marker when you come to it (marker placed at beginning of row is new beginning of round marker). Be sure to knit both front legs of GSR stitches together as one stitch.
Round 2: sm, join in the round, purl.

Then it goes with the short rows, exactly like they were in the first wedge.

The slipped stitches will just be on the needle and will eventually make up almost all the live sts for the round. The first wedge is probably the most difficult to do until you see the structure of the pattern work out on the needles.
As I mentioned, I haven’t done this one before but sometimes you just have to trust the pattern.
There don’t seem to be substantial complaints on Ravelry.

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Thank you. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong that could’ve thrown it off, but it sounds like this is likely an expected outcome while knitting this hat. That makes me feel better!