Another crochet question

I am still learning to crochet, but it’s taking me a while to get the hang of it! Thanks to all of you, I think I have figured out the turning chain and its relation to the stitch count. I am now attempting to crochet a bath mat. Here’s my question. If I understand correctly, you do not generally crochet into the first stitch (hole) in the row on a dc row because the turning chain counts as a stitch. This pattern calls for one row of sc. Check. The pattern then states to dc into first sc. I assume this means that I crochet into the first hole below the first stitch, even though this stitch would usually be skipped on a dc row?

From my experience, you don’t crochet into the first stitch unless the pattern tells you to. Good Luck!

Thanks so much! That’s what I thought. Apparently I interpreted the pattern correctly. I finished the bath mat, and it looks pretty good considering that I don’t really know what I’m doing! LOL

IME the only way to know what I’m doing is to do it, follow the pattern and eventually things click and make sense. Sometimes it’s just follow the pattern and it works and I don’t see why. Either way, you finished it!!! :thumbsup:

I’d dc into the first stitch if the pattern told me to. If you skip the “hole” then you are actually dc’ing into the second stitch. That is just me, though. I’d go into the hole…and if it did not look right, in a row or two, I’d go back and fix it.

Try not to crochet into the first stitch, unless there is some exception. It’s very unsafe and can destroy your patterns

I don’t crochet into the first stitch