Another "crazy" in-the -round question

Hi everyone (ya think I’d know by now:?? )but I am converting a flat hat pat to a round…everything looks great (BTW if it’s wrong I AM NOT :frog: IT) I am at the dec (crown) pat reads (RS) K2tog, p2 rep to end…well that worked out fine…then the next row (WS)K2tog, p1 rep to end,well guess what I Purled 2tog to see what happens cause on this row I don’t have 2 to ktog…and it doesn’t look bad…So here’s the question when converting,is it obvious that you convert dec sts too? Right? So instead of me p2tog should I have done a dif dec? Like a different slant or something? Sorry Thanks all

Sorry, i don’t have the exact answer to your question, but I know that when working in the round you do not work the wrong side because your going around rather than bck and forth across the hat, so I’m not really sure how you would modify the pattern. Hope you find an answer.

It sounds like you are doing a K2, P2 rib hat. When you decreased the one row/rnd-- K2tog, P2, if you were working flat when you turned the hat to work the next row, you would be faced with 2 knit stitches followed with P1, all the way across, but since you are not looking at the back, but the front for the next row you have K1, and 2 purls all the way across.

So you were right, what you needed to do was P2tog, K1 across that second decrease rnd. The purl 2 together, would get the decrease you need. As far as the slant goes, it it looks all right to you it is fine, if you want it to slant the other way, you could experiment with a purl 2togtbl or a ssp and see if either of those give you a look you like better. I don’t remember which way what slants. :slight_smile:

Yep you are right K2 P2 Rib…however, I cont’d with my own way of dec (as I posted above) BUT IT’S LOOKIN WONKY!!! Although I said I would not frog I’m gonna (just the last 4 rows were dec began) I JUST DON’T KNOW HOW TO dec in Pattern Stitch??? K2 P2 in the round DO YOU??? Thank alot for you help

pat reads (RS) K2tog, p2 rep to end…well that worked out fine…then the next row (WS)K2tog, p1 rep to end,
This is what you said the pattern says. If you were working flat, after you did those two rows you would not have K2, P2 ribbing anymore, but would be reduced to K1, P1 ribbing. In the round you are going to have the same thing. After a round of K2tog, P2, and a round of P2tog, K1, you are going to have K1, P1 ribbing from there on out.

What do they tell you to do for the next decreases?

Then K1, P1 for the next 2 rows, K2tog rep from *to end for the next two rows… Thanks