Another couple of FO's

So I finished my Regia crazy colour socks (which ended up not matching because the first ball of yarn had at least a couple of yards lopped off it in the LYS. I didn’t notice till I realised the stupid ball was not going to make a full sock. I was shocked since I usually get a sock and quite a lot left over from a ball.

I returned to the LYS and told the lady and she gave me a replacement ball. I just couldn’t make them match after that =(

I made an Irish Hiking scarf for my boss for Christmas - he gets given it tomorrow. It was made with Plymouth Baby Alpaca in Navy Blue. I used three balls to make it. It is hard to see the pattern due to the dark yarn but still here it is anyway :slight_smile:

Very nice! I love the Irish Hiking scarf. I can’t wait to get back to mine. Gotta finish my xmas knitting first though.

Those are beautiful!

Beautiful, just beautiful! I think your socks look great and I love the scarf. What a great pattern.

Nadja xxx

First: love the scarf. Looks fabulous! :cheering:

Second: love the socks. I really don’t think it matters that they aren’t the same color. They look cool and random that way. And besides, they’re socks. No one can see the body of them, they’re in your shoe. And if someone is close enough to your foot to see the sock stripes are messed up… well…

:cheering: Victory! :cheering: My boss loved his scarf - I was really a bit worried he might not like it or that the wool would itch him but he has been running round the building showing everyone =D

What is also lovely is that he got me an Opal yarn sock knitting kit for Christmas with some pretty markers and a set of dpns =D

Also the socks not matching, you know you are right - it doesn’t really matter and if someone IS that close then they aren’t gonna be worried about mismatched socks :eyebrow: Unless of course I’m in an accident and end up in ER but mismatched socks would be far less embarrassing than misshapen undies :teehee:

I really loved making the Irish Hiking Scarf - once you get into the flow of it the pattern stays in the mind easily and its a great one for making on the tube journey in to work. I’m pleased with how it turned out too =D

Thank you for your lovely comments :muah:

They both look great!

The socks aren’t mismatched! They have a design element :slight_smile:

Mama Bear