Another coronet hat question

In the decrease rounds of this hat, these are the instructions written:

"Next round: K0[1,0]. *K2tog. Repeat from * around

K 1 round even

Next round: K1[1,0]. *K2tog. Repeat from * around

Next round: K1[0,0]. *K2tog. Repeat from * around."

I have no clue what the “K0[1,0]” and the “K1[0,0]” means. I have never seen that before. Someone help! Thanks! :shrug:

It depends on what size you are knitting, the numbers in parenthesis are for the other sizes, so lets say S[M,L]…

If you are knitting the S then you would just start with the K2tog, and repeat them to the end. Next row, row 2, knit the round even. Row 3, K1, then K2tog, repeating the K2togs to end of round. Row 4, K1, then K2tog to end of round…

If you were doing the medium, then you would do the instructions that are inside the parenthesis, (the first set of numbers in there), ie. row 1 would be K1, then K2tog, etc…

hope i am being clear for you

Thanks so much, you did help clear up the problem. I just realized that i knew this though. it just so happens that there are no changes to the pattern for different sizes up until this point, so i completely forgot there would be any pattern changes, so i didnt comprehend what this meant until you said it. :rofl: thanks very much! i feel dumb now. :oops:

Don’t feel dumb… we all have those moments :oops: