Another confused newbie

i am making a sweater with a pocket in front, like those seen in hoodies. the pocket row has you knit several stitches, put stitches on a holder and then cast on (cable method) to replace the stitches on the holder and then finish the row. this leaves a big hole in the work…is this right?? am i supposed to join the cast on row with the holder row???

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Different patterns have different instructions for doing that. It would help if you tell us the pattern name and give us a link if at all possible when asking questions.

You can also type out a few lines of the part you have a question about. Don’t put the whole pattern though.

It sounds like you’re supposed to have a slit there for the pocket, so that’s correct. Leave the sts on the holder and the ending instructions will tell you what to do with them. You’ll be casting on the sts to the main body sts and joining with them to work the rest of the body.

the pocket is called a cangaroo pocket. (just if you want to google).

There would be 2 different ways to make one, basically: The front of the sweater running seamlessly over the pocket (like yours) or the pocket being knitted after the fact and sewn on / joined by knitting.

The way your pattern does it, seems neat. Do it that way.

you have stitches on the holder. They are the width of the pocket.

so now you cast the stitches back on. you create the part of the sweater that is close to the body.

And: yes: the bottom of your pocket now has a big gap / opening that things would fall through. I am sure that your instructions will tell you where and how to sew this hole up. Look in the “finishing” part of the instruction or the like.