Another Comment And Question About Socks

I like to make socks from the toe up on ML. I haven’t been able to find a cast off method that I like or one that makes the cuff look as neat as those made from the top down. My last pair of socks are done except for the cast off. Men’s retail socks have an elastic thread that is wound through the stitches about three times instead of having a cast off top. I was wondering if any one here has done this or if you know of a link that shows this method? I would have tried it by now using elastic thread, but I can’t find any (black elastic thread) in stores that sale sewing notions in my area. They have white, but not black. They’ve discontinued it. OF COURSE! :!!!: That’s how it always is when I find something I like or I’m searching for something I need. :shrug: Any help or suggestions? Thanks.

Here you go: elastic thread in many colors:

black and white:
Elastic thread

[size=2]Mod Squad was here (link shortened)[/size]

you can try the sewn cast off that silver uses in her tutorial…

I haven’t tried it before, but i keep meaning to.

Are you using single (1x1) rib? Have you tried tubular (aka kitchener, aka invisible) b/o? It’s really non-obstrusive – the knit stitches look as though they wrap around the b/o edge to the other side. It makes a nice stretchy edge on socks provided you don’t work it too tightly. Amy calls it Knit-One Purl-One Bind-Off – you can find her instructions in the b/o section under basic techniques. Note: Be sure to watch both videos – one shows the set up, the other shows the rest.

Here’s a pic I found on someone’s blog.

Thanks for the links and help.

Jane, I did do a 1x1 ribbing. In the past I have used the kitchener cast off, but I found this to be a time comsuming method and I wasn’t very pleased with the results.

I really think the elastic will do nicely and would like to know how this has worked for others. Surely, there has been at least one out there that has used the elastic.

Hi there…just PM’d you!!! I just purchased a ML book…"keep cast off loose by casting on extra sts with backwards loop, then treating these loops as sts and immediatley casting them off as follows: k1,bl, pso,k1,pso, p1,pso,bl,pso,p1, pso repeat between asterisks until all sts have been cast off. BL=BACKWARD LOOP PSO=pass sts over. Does that help :?? Chele

Thanks Cheley. I haven’t seen this cast off method before. I’ll have to give it a try.

I managed to find some of this thread and it worked great. :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :happydance: :happydance: