Another circular knitting question

I really thought I knew what I was doing when I attempted a hat with circular needles, but I don’t have a clue :? !!

(1) Once I complete a round (and get back to my end of row marker), do I keep knitting around or do I switch my needles to the other hand as if I was using straight needles?

(2) Do you purl the same way as on straight needles?

(3) Is castoff the same when working in the round?

AHHHH I feel so stupid and frustrated! I guess it didn’t help that I was using Homespun yarn which I kept splitting! I was so excited about the cool bamboo circular needles, too :frowning:

I did end up buying the Knitters Handy Book of Patterns (thanks for the advice, Amy), and she gives instructions for doing the hat w/ DPNs. My first hat attempt was with the DPNs, and that experience drove me out to the LYS for some circulars. Maybe I am fated to work with flat pieces and seams!! :wink:


Hi there. When you get used to them you’re gonna love them! Okay, when you come to the end of a round, just keep right on knitting. Don’t turn needles. And yes, purling and knitting are the same as on straight needles. Cast off is the same also.

My first attempt with DPNs sent me to get circs too. Don’t despair just keep trying and you’ll LOVE them!! Hope this helps

I don’t have any advice for you… but just out of curiosity, do you happen to have a hat pattern that is for circulars?? I don’t have any DPN’s, but I have a set of Denise needles and would love to make a hat on circulars…



Thanks all for the advice! I applied a little patience, and reviewed Amy’s videos, and, voila, I have the start of a hat! I have to admit that I made a kind of lame guage swatch (very small), so I am curious to see how the end product will be. I’m hoping these size 8 circulars will be a good size for many different hats to come!

As for the pattern, I am using the Knitters Handy Book of Patterns. Her directions are actually for DPN’s, so I’m not sure if I’ll get goofed up as I proceed on with the pattern, but I think I’ll be OK. She gives you a basic hat pattern with options for different brims and tops (example: I am doing a rolled edge and a tassel on top.) Since her directions are based on the guage you are working with, you can really use most any yarn and needle size (just do a swatch to determine the guage). I bought the book on Amy’s recommendation, and I’m glad to have it for a resource.