Another circ --> dpn question

Hey everyone… it’s Miss I’m-Knitting-A-Beanie-For-My-3rd-Project, and so far, I’ve found knitting on circulars to be amazing and easy and fabulous and just grand!

My problem has been with the switching to dpns part of the hat. It’s just your average stockinette beanie, about an inch of 1x1 rib at the bottom. I decreased until things were too spread out, then figured the best way to switch to dpns was to knit right onto them. All fine and good… until I knit a few rows and saw that they were purl stitches!


Now, I checked my knitting, and I was going through the back of the stitch just like any old knit stitch is supposed to happen. I ended up ripping out everything all the way down to the last straight knit rows, and I don’t have another set of circs or a longer cable to do either of those methods… it’s dpns or nothing at this point.

What am I doing wrong? What’s the easiest way to switch from a 16" circular to dpns when making your average beanie?

What happened is that you started knitting on the inside rather than the outside of the hat. You can knit from the circ to the dpns, or just slip them if you like.

Just make sure that you’re holding the two working needles closest to you and that the others are away from you so that your knitting on the outside of the tube.

At first I read your response, and I was like blink blink… then my Knitty-sense kicked in, and I totally get what you’re talking about! Thank you!

(Now, to pick it up and try again)