Another Capucine

I was inspired by ArtLady’s and Slim’s Capucine to make one of my own. This is a FAST hat and adorable on. Made with Schaefer Esperanza. I have a second one started. Instead of the side tassels I used I cord.

Pretty! Love the color you used.

Cute hat, love the colors. Just joined yesterday and had read the post about you not getting anything done because of the adorable new self propelled cutie pie in your house. Looks like the needles won some time after all! :knitting:

Ain’t it just the most fun thing to knit!? I have a 2nd one that’s blocking right now! Can’t decide on the tassel on the back…to make it look like a pony tail, or a poof!

Your Capucine looks fab!!! I like the i-cord tassels!

Beautiful!!! Love the colors! Think I’m gonna have to make one of these too!

Very cute! I love the colors. I may try the I-cord next time too.