Another Bunny Blanket Question and then I'm done

Did I do this wrong? I’m at the end and I dont see what I’m supposed to stuff.

I pulled the threads on top - and yes, the top of my bunny head is joined, but then it’s all open in the back. If I stuff it, then do I sew up the back? How do I do that and make it look nice. The pattern doesn’t say anything about sewing up the back…Ughh!

In the finishing section, it says to draw yarn on a tapestry needle through every other stitch on the needle and then back again. I think that’s what closes up the back of the head.

You could mattress stitch it closed, too, and that would look good. Amy has video if you’re unfamiliar with it.

I guess I somehow did this wrong…I read the KAL, I have to give it another try.

Ingrid, I did that - stitched up the back, but I guess when you purl, slip you make a pocket, only I didn’t - I guess I missed a stitch or something.

Here’s mine

Oh my goodness, that’s adorable! I love his little face. Do what you can to stuff and seam it–whoever gets it will be in love.:heart: