Another bow hat

A few nights ago it dawned on me that I only have 6 or 7 hats, and most of them don’t even go with any of my out fits. If any of you recall, back in July or August, I made a bow hat that had a grey body and a blue bow(picture will be below). My sister asked for it a couple weeks ago, so I gave it to her. No more bow for me. :pout:

…Until about 5 nights ago. I got some DPN’s for christmas, and I’ve been a huge fan of knitting my own hats lately, with the exception of a hat that I knit about three weeks ago(I’ll get a picture of that too).

I’ll be creating the pattern very soon, and selling it in my Etsy shop.

That’s really nice! Way to go! :thumbsup:

Pretty Jenelle, wearing a pretty hat! :heart:

Oh, that’s very pretty Jenelle!

I Love that hat and I think its fantastic that you are such a talented knitter at such a young age! You impress me! Keep up the great work!

That’s really cute! It kind of reminds of the 1920s “flapper” style hats!

Gorgeous hat and model! :heart:

I wish knit hats fit my head that well!

That is a pretty hat. I love the sweet little bow.

That’s adorable, Jenelle!

It really does look like a flapper hat. I love it! You really :thumbsup: are a talented young lady, and as cute as a bug, too.

super super cute. I just adore that hat! I want one for me. and my dd! how cute it is!

Looks wonderful Jenelle!

very cute!!

Great job Jenelle!!! The bow is such a great accent!

Thanks everyone for the comments! :muah: :hug: