Another Book

Has anyone read it yet?

Yep, read it last year and enjoyed it.

Judging by the title it is right up my alley. I like crime/mystery and my knitting… how cool is that to have two things in one book.

Ya, I like mystery stuff too, but I never thought of reading those books. I guess it just seems strange to add the two? Maybe I am just being weird haha.

It was the hidden darning needle by the LYS clerk. :smiley:


There are several authors who have combined knitting w/ mystery/murder…

( but it really was the dpn’s by the knitting teacher, lol)

Yep, readign it now.

This is actually the 3rd one in the “Knitting Mystery” series by Maggie Sefton.

  • Knit One, Kill Two
  • Needled to Death
  • A Deadly Yarn
  • A Killer Stitch (only in hardback right now)

I :heart: mysteries! I usually have one “going” all times.

If anyone else love mysteries as well here is a link to an awseome mystery book website. It has everything for the “classics” (Arthur Conon Doyle, Agatha Christie, etc) to the new stuff. It lists the books by author, character, location, time period, etc: