Another blocking question

what do you lay your garments on to block?

I use a spare piece of carpet. It works great.

so does it have to be something soft? i guess you have to to get the pins in… i have no clues as to what i can use… :?? :??

I just use a padding of towels, usually.

:smiley: I use a spare bed, with towels on it, like Ingrid said…or the ironing board, depending upon what I’m blocking…oh, and hangers for socks :wink:

The sock blockers are very cool. So is the idea of a piece of carpet, especially since I got rid of my full-size ironing board about 1 year ago.

I find the piece of carpet great because the pins stay in really snug. I’d just pin my items right to my livingroom floor, if I didn’t have a 2 and 4 year old running around :roflhard: :shock:

So far for my garments, I’ve just put them on the top of my drying rack. It’s got a sweater-mesh type thingy on top, and I just shape the sweater on that, and leave it!