Another beginner question

The pattern I have starts with 2 stitches. Then it says “K1 M1 - 3 stitches”. I know that means to knit 1 stitch, and then make another stitch in between the first and second. However that still leaves me with one stitch on my left needle. Do I just knit that normally?

M1 means an increase of your choice. Since you also need to use one stitch as you make a new stitch this would be a knit front and back, or another increase that uses one sts and makes two from it.

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Depending on the pattern, it seems to me that you could also work a M1 by lifting the bar between sts. Then you would knit the last stitch. What is the name of the pattern? Does it recommend a particular increase?

It was a pattern for doing a simple border on a potholder. The book I’m learning out of says for an m1 you should lift the bar and then knit it. I figured out through many many tries that I was supposed to leave the last stitch on the left needle and then go to the next row, where it was worked back into the pattern

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Ahha, very tricky. Good thing you figured out that last stitch. We’d love to see the finished potholder.