Another beautiful circ from KP!

One of my daughters gave me a gift certificate to KP at Christmas and I hadn’t used it yet. :zombie: I needed some long cables for magic looping so away I went. They have some beautiful new laminated birch needles called Sunstruck. They are a light colored wood vs Harmony bright ones. I like them better so I ordered two sets (7 and 8) as well as my cables for ML. Yay!

I’m just wondering how you managed to hold onto a gift cetificate for KP for this long! Sounds like a good way to use it. I’m on my way over to the site to check out the Sunstrucks.


Thanks for the review of these needles. I think I’m all set for now with circs, but still, good to know!

I got an email notification from KP last week. The needles look beautiful! I wonder :think: if they will knit as nicely as the Harmony version?

I have the full set of Harmony’s, so I’m not particularly motivated to add Sunstruck needle tips, although the Sunstruck’s are very beautiful to look at!

Anyone want to report on the Harmony vs Sunstruck? Knitting experience in comparison, one to the other? Surface? Smoothness? Etc.

I have no idea why I didn’t use it! I suspect because she use one of my alternate emails that I forget to check.

Dollyce, I would imagine they are the same as Harmony. They are the same material w/o the color so they should be anyway.

I just got some of the Sunstruck needle tips and they are beautiful! Just as smooth and pretty as the Harmony needles that are multicolor.

My LYS has always carried the multi color ones, but now they are getting some of these, too.

Photo! Photo! :drool:

Oooh, these look lovely. :inlove: I like this natural look over the multi-color Harmony ones. (As much as I love rainbow colored everything, nothing touches natural wood as far as I’m concerned.)

What’s the finish like? Shiny polyurethane, or a more wood-like surface?