Another baby sweater and hat ;-)

I am having such fun knitting for my new little grandbaby. I was working on this set when my DIL was in labor, had just gotten to the part where I needed to commit to boy or girl button holes when I got word it was a girl.

It is a “Naturally” Pattern #K551 (Artlady made one and I loved it, had to search the net for the pattern) made with Schaefer Elaine in Snoopys Crayon’s.

It’s hard to see but the buttons are little lady bugs.

Super cute! You won’t lose the baby in the dark with that one! :teehee:

Ooh, so cute. Some red tights and a little denim skirt and she’ll by stylin. Congrats on the new grandbaby!

Very cute, a nice change from the pastels.

I agree with Sue . It is very nice and colourful :slight_smile:

So cute! :yay: She’ll be the best dressed baby in town courtesy of you, Grandma:inlove:

Cute, cute! I have some ladybug buttons to use too. This was a nice sweater for them. Congratulations on the new GD.

Great little set! I love the vibrant colors.

Cute, it so nice to see babies in dynamic primary colors. Best felicitations to you and your family.

Its sooo cute. the colour is geprgous. I agree its lovley to see babies in bright colours :inlove: .

This set is to die for! And I love how the colorway distributed! Very nice!

Dontcha just love this pattern? It is so easy to tailor it for either sex! I think I’ve made it half a dozen times or so.

Great work Ginny! :thumbsup:

I do LOVE this pattern, so EASY and fast. I am toying with doing what you did and making two hats (one in a bigger size), I have enough yarn left over and witht he rolled sleeves I think this is a sweater that will have a long “life span”.

I already have another one planned in a ligh blue w/ wiht fleck tweedy Rowan yarn (with white daisy buttones).