Another Baby Sundress

Remember the baby sundress I made a few months ago?

My cousin at Cottage Yarn saw it, and loved it. So, I’m making another one to be used as a display at her shop.

Ooo that’s going to be so pretty! Perfect for spring!

:yay: ohh I love the color…I can’t wait to see it!!

That is such a pretty pink!

YUMMMMMM!!! Does the yellow one shown have a fabric skirt? Ought to be super comfortable!

oh, I love it!

Which book is the pattern in??


Love that yarn… better post a pic when you are done… :teehee:

Thank you all for the encouragement!

It goes very quickly, and yes mwhite, it has a fabric skirt. You sew it on when you finish knitting the top part. So easy! :thumbsup:

Here is the one I made last year:

The pattern comes from “Cozy Knits for Cuddly Babies” by Elanor Lynn. It’s called “Buttercup Sundress”.

It’s going to be really pretty! What fabric are you going to use?

I just love it! Have a 2+yr old DGD, tons of wonderful, pretty fabric, sewing machine, needles and yarn!!! The kid’ll have sundresses til she’s 35! LOL! I’ve pretty much ignored my home sewing for the past 3-4 years and now I can knit and sew! Thanks so much! Mary

That is very cute. Love the color.

Ok, lady…whenever do you find the time to knit such beautiful things?! The first one you knit is gorgeous! What an honor to be asked to knit one for display!!!

Can’t wait to see what it looks like finished, the first one is just fabulous!

I loved your last sundress .this one is going to be lovely too. That is a beautiful pink colour yarn :slight_smile:

Lovely sunedress. I just called my LYS to have them hold the book for me. I have a newborn cousin that I would like to make one for.

Oh my goodness that is soooo cute Shandeh. Can you make one for my DGD? She will be four in May. She likes pink and lavendar. She is a “princess” you know, so those are “her” colours!!!

Is the bottom fabric or knit? It is really quite beautiful!

It’s fabric Nonny. You sew the knit part to the gathered fabric, I would imagine. That is IF you can sew. In my case that is one heck of a huge IF!!!

Very pretty color, it will be adorable.

You’re welcome! :hug:

Thank you, my friend! :muah:

Gosh, I wish I could! This pattern only goes up to size 18 months, so I don’t think it would work. :pout:

That’s correct! :thumbsup: The pattern calls for 1/2 yard of fabric. You just make a seam to connect the ends, and then gather all around the top. Then, you stitch it to the bottom of the knitting, and sew a hem. Quick and easy! :heart: