Another Baby Blanket

This one was made for my upcoming great-niece. I don’t remember where I got the pattern… it’s just a wave, but I noticed that every other wave is actually flat across the top. I used plain old RH Classic. Thanks for looking!

ohh pretty!

Wow! Love the bright colors!

Beautiful colors!!! Nice job.

Nice and bright! :thumbsup:

Lovely bright “crayon” colors! You did a great job!

That is really pretty. Nice job!

that is so fantastic.i love how bright it is.

Oh, that’s neat! :heart: the bright colors! :thumbsup:

OOh nice and bright1 I like it a lot.

Great work!


WOW!! That is so bright and pretty! Baby will love it, and so will mom, I’m sure.

Great Job!! I love the colors…:woot:

I :heart: it, it’s so bright and pretty!

Ohhh it’s so pretty, Debinoz. Makes me think of Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat :teehee:

I love the colors too, great job.

oooo i love the colors!! it makes me happy! :inlove:

Very pretty! Love the pattern. Kind of neat with every other wave being flat on top. You know it took me a little bit to figure out what you were talking about. Love the colors. Great for a baby!:inlove:

That is SO pretty!

[SIZE=7][COLOR=Blue]WOW! :passedout:
That is absolutely wonderful! What a work of art!