Another awww!

Wanted to share this with you, because I know how much you love cuteness!


Someone sent this the other day–too cute!! I don’t think I’d want to venture outside when Mama was around, though.:pout:


That is really cute. Thanks for sharing!

Very cute… I don’t get the choice of music, though.

So very sweet!

It looked like the one was protecting his new found toy from the other one. I have never been around mooses. Would the momma be mean?

[B]THANKS THANKS THANKS [/B]for posting this FABULOUS video clip!
It made my day! Really!

Yes, especially a momma moose.
Moose can be very crabby, and aggressive, if surprised, too.
They are very capable of killing someone who threatens their space.

That is just so cute! Not sure how the song fits in either, but it is one of my favorites.

Thanks for sharing. First the Lion video and now Moose! Just awesome to see, just awesome. :slight_smile:

She would do anything to protect the babies – so I don’t think I would call it mean, just protective.

I didn’t get it, either. Then the silly song stuck in my head all day!

That is just adorable. My first thought, though, was that that would be a little scary in your own back yard. It’s amazing how Mom just stands there and watches her babies, just like I did at the playground with my little ones!

I absolutely loved it! I see moose on my property throughout the year, sometimes with their young, but I have never seen anything so watchable. When my dogs and I come across one on our walks we always give them a wide berth, though have never been threatened by one, they even ignore my dogs barking at them. I have finally convinced my dogs that discretion is the better part of valour and we should just be quiet and walk the other way.