Another avatar maker

Wow!! I don’t think I should be so honest-----I looked like an old lady. Wait a minute, I am old! But not THAT old. I think I need to rethink posting anything that could be a source of sick humor.

:roflhard: Mine didn’t turn out so well either.

You do look cute, but I think I like your old avatar better. Then again, I have no idea what you really look like! I’m sure you are cuter than any mere avatar could capture. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Jeezz—that sounds corny. Sorry!

Yeah, I like the one I have now better but here is mine from there (boredom got to me) I look hot as a cartoon figure though… :roflhard:

Never hurts the ego to hear something like that :slight_smile:

I like my old one better too. Hence, the lack of changing it.