Another applied icord question!

So, I have now mastered the icord bind off and I’m so happy with it!

But, I would like to put icord on the hem around the neck. If the stitches are already bound off (not live) do I pick them all up first and then do the bind off or just pick one up as I go each time?


It’s been awhile since I made one of these, but I don’t see why you can’t just p/u stitches with the color you want the i-cord to be and then do the i-cord bind off. :think:

I’m with Jan and would pick up the stitches first and use these stitches as the foundation for your i-cord bind off. I think it would add stability to the edge by having the stitches along the edge be connected to each other first and then bound off.

Sounds gorgemous, btw!

Thanks ladies! I’m all finished and it worked out great!


Can’t wait to see it!!