Another Anthropologie-inspired capelet! (FO)

Two posted in one day! Check out Amber’s lovely capelet too! :happydance:

Here’s my Anthropologie-inspired capelet (surely we can call this something shorter!), made from Rowan Polar in “Smirk” :wink: For my friend Mary’s birthday… which was last week - oops! Going in the post tonight, I promise!

Super-fast project, took longer to block than it did to knit - very satisfying indeedy! :XX: I cast on 55 sts instead of 49 in pattern and made each panel one stitch longer as it looked rather teeny when I started it… blocking in a magical thing though, as I am learning :slight_smile:

Yours is lovely!!! :inlove: It is a great project, isn’t it? I’m going to be making another one soon – my SIL saw mine and wants one too! :smiley: I think I’ll make the neckline a bit bigger on this one. It looks like casting on 55 sts is perfect.

That is so lovely! Wonderful job!

So beautiful, very dainty & feminine…I love it :smiley:

ohhh that’s pretty

Lucky friend…that is so cute!

Cute! And I love the color (and color name!)

Sweet! The color is perfect! I am a sucker for YOs on raglans. heh, going to print this pattern off. Thanks for posting it.

Very nice! :thumbsup:

Simply elegant. I LOVE it! :heart:

That is so pretty!

A question…I looked at the pattern and that she says it’s for a ladies S/M size. Just wondering for those of you that it fits as written, what bust size are we looking at for a finished project??

It’s awesome–amazingly beautiful! Great job!

knitqueen - I’m sorry, I don’t actually know the bust size that mine knit up too, I rather went by neck size (should fit around the line of your collar bone) and the arm size (since you stop the raglan increases once the arm section reaches the desired measurement).

I initially tried the recommended 49sts CO, since it’s for a very petite friend of mine, but it even looked too small for her to be honest - my gauge may have been out though. So I made it with a 55sts CO, and I think I did 12 pattern repeats (i.e. holes!) for the raglan increases - then sewed it up & blocked it and pulled it around a bit until it looked about right! The neckline was about 16 inches and arm circumference 10 inches after blocking. I just hope it fits her!

Hope that helps - errr?! :??

Yes, that helps, thanks! I’ve read the pattern again and it looks like it’s not too hard to make it different sizes. Just knit until it fits you and then move on to the next bit it sounds like (as far as the sleeves, anyways) and it gives directions for how to make the neckline bigger. Thanks again.

ok, I have been searching for this pattern, glad I found it
How many more stitches should I put for a 2XL
I have a 44 chest, big upper arms, and a bit of extra weight

thanks in Advance


Hi ecb - I’m not sure exactly how many stitches you should CO, but I found the beauty of this pattern is that you can knit it to the right size as you go along - basically, the two things that should fit correctly are the neckline and the arms, since the capelet doesn’t really fit around the chest as such.

I’ll try and explain how I figured out how many to cast on from the pattern instructions - I hope it makes some sense!

The number of stitches you CO determines the size of the neckline only. According to the gauge on the pattern, the 49st CO is for a 16" neckline that sits around your collar bone. It’s worth measuring around your collar bone and imagining how you’d like the neckline to fit (the number of stitches you cast on for the neckline is independent of the final size the capelet will be, since you continue the raglan increases until you reach the desired size).

If you’d like to make the neckline slightly bigger, then you need to CO a (multiple of 6 stitches) + 1.

For example, with the gauge given,
For approx 16" neckline - CO 49 sts (i.e. (6 x 8 stitches) + 1)
For approx 18" neckline - CO 55 sts (i.e. (6 x 9 stitches) + 1)
For approx 20" neckline - CO 61 sts (i.e. (6 x 10 stitches) + 1)
and so on…

The “(multiple of 6 stitches) +1” sounds a bit mathsy but it makes sense when you get to the raglan increases.

Using the patternas it is (49 st CO):

Row 1, RS: k2, p6, yo, pm, p1, yo, p7, yo, pm, p1, yo, p15, yo, pm, p1, yo, p7, yo, pm, p1, yo, p6, k2
Row 2 and all WS rows: knit all stitches
Row 3 and all RS rows: k2, p to next marker, yo, sl marker, p1, yo repeat from * 3 more times, p until last 2 st, k2

You then just adapt Row 1 to accomodate the extra stitches you’ve cast on. For example:

55 st CO:
Row 1, RS: k2, p7, yo, pm, p1, yo, p8, yo, pm, p1, yo, p17, yo, pm, p1, yo, p8, yo, pm, p1, yo, p7, k2

61 st CO:
Row 1, RS: k2, p8, yo, pm, p1, yo, p9, yo, pm, p1, yo, p19, yo, pm, p1, yo, p9, yo, pm, p1, yo, p8, k2

and so on. (I hope that adds up ok! :??)

Then it’s straight forward from there as you just continue with Row 2 and Row 3 onwards according to the pattern until the sleeves are the correct size.

Little tip!: If you knit on a long enough circular needle then you should be able to tell when you’ve gotten to the correct sleeve size (unlike me who knit this on straights and had some very bunched up knitting! :doh:)

Does that make any sense? :thinking:

Good luck & have fun! :XX: I had such fun making this, it’s a really clever little pattern & looks so lovely when it’s done.

Thanks so much
I figured that out when I Knit one for my Middle Daughter as Practice
I am gonna start one for myself with a single extra stitch in the back to accomidate my Wide back
or maybe I think I will do the larger neckline
as said in the Classic Fild "SHakespear in Love"
Its a Mystery