Another afghan

I have made 5 of these now, all different colors, but same pattern. Lion Brand Basketweave Afghan, pattern 90332AD. Just a simple pattern that works up quick. This one was done in Sequoia, Wool Ease Thick and Quick. Have made them for my nieces and now doing them for my brothers, this is for the younger brother.

It looks so nice and sturdy and a wonderful blanket to cuddle up in! Nice color too.

Looks like the perfect afghan: comfy, warm, & soft! :yay:

This is a wonderful color mix and a beautifully made afghan. Lucky nieces and brothers!

You described it right on. It is just one of those that you like to grab and don’t have to worry about it. Thanks.

Wow, 5 blankets, so impressive! Looks lovely too, great colour. Are you planning to make more?

Thanks. Yes, going to make more. Have done the others in all different colors, fisherman, pine, cranberry (mine), oatmeal, this one in Sequoia and working on the 6th now in wheat. All the colors have been by request. It is just a really easy pattern, big needle (#15) and bulky yarn, and it works up quick and nice and comfy. If anyone wants a pretty quick thing to do for someone, this is a good pattern.

That’s a lovely blanket. And it certainly looks like a blanket you’d get lots of use out of.

Great job! Do you have pictures of the others? I’d love to see them, too!

It looks fabulous! :thumbsup:

Thanks, and I did post pictures of the others a while ago so the pictures are probably gone. I will do a search and see if I can find them and email them to you. Even though the pattern is the same they all look so different because of the different colors

Looks warm and toasty. :heart: :heart:

Ohh, so my colours… it looks great.

LOVE the color of that, beautiful work!

Oooooo, I love this colorway! So warm and earthy! Yes, I love this pattern, too! I’ve used it myself, but not five in a row!
I’m a basket case after just one! :teehee:

Thanks1 Believe me I didn’t do the 5 in a row, I worked on other things in between. Love the “basket case” pun.