Another afghan question

I know I have asked this question before. I am sorry to ask again. :doh:

My best friend is building a house and moving in a few months. She has asked a couple times that I make her an afghan (If I get “bored enough”)
I am a lot scared of it because I want it to be just right. She said she likes the colors red yellow and white. During our conversation she told me how she has a dark brown couch and yellow and white walls. I think the red she was saying cause of some cherry wood. Anyway, sorry to ramble.

I was thinking over yarn and most of the yarn I like is not “machine washable” My question is… when it says hand wash for yarn and you make a larger item is it still reasonable to think you could gentle cycle wash it and hang it out to dry?

Another question is has anyone knit with the Karabella marble yarn, or with the Lana Grossa Twin yarn?

If you managed to read this whole post thank you! lol I am just makin myself nuts over the project. I told her that I would run the yarn by her to make sure its somethin she liked and she told me not to worry over it just to make it if its somethin I liked then she would like. Any suggestions would be great. I think I just need another knitters perspective on this.
I have looked over knitting pattern central and found a couple patterns I liked but I was going to wait til I found the yarn before I set my mind on the pattern.

kk im gonna end post here. Thanks again!


Have you looked into Plymouth Enore? It is deliciously soft, comes in a ton of colors and is machine washable. I hope you can find something you like!

If you use a wool yarn that says to hand wash, you run the real risk of having it shrink and felt together if you wash it in the machine. I think Encore is a wonderful yarn to use for an afghan, but if you want wool, you can look at the superwash wools. They are machine washable.

Thanks for the replies. I need to touch the yarn to be sure. I think I need to hoof it to the yarn store and go feel up some yarn. :thumbsup:

I really appreciate the replies. thanks again