Another afghan question - need opinions & suggestions

I am making this afghan and absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the cable panel :heart: :heart: :heart: I wish you could see it better on the picture in the pattern, you can see it best on the picture of the cushion. BUT I’m reeeeeeally having a hard time with the other panel, of which I have to make two…eek… It’s a box stitch pattern (that’s how it’s referred to in this pattern anyways), basically K3P3 as though you’re doing ribbing, but every 6 rows you switch the knits and the purls to form kind of a stockinette/reverse stockinette checkerboard. It matches some of the detail stitches in the cable panel so in that regard I feel I should just follow the pattern, but I am absolutely BORED out of my tree and I wish there was something else I could do for that panel instead. I feel like I’m not going to follow through with the afghan if I have to do two loooooong panels of this very boring pattern. :?

So my question…would another cable panel be too much??? What else could I do that wouldn’t be so boring? I don’t know if lace would fit with the aran style of the main cable panels. :pray:

I would find a cable pattern I like and put it in there. Since the cables in the original form diamonds, a few rows of a different cable pattern would look good. I’ve never seen an aran pattern where I thought there were too many cables–just too much boring background.

I recently submitted a panel afghan to The Project Graveyard because it was so utterly boring, so I know first hand how you feel. So I don’t think there’s anything wrong with picking another cable that you like. :wink: You could also put the boring panel aside and knit something else, something small in the meantime. Maybe by the time that small project is finished and you come back to the boring panel, it won’t be so boring. :?? Someone suggested that to me when I was bored w/ my panel afghan (The Envelope Afghan); it didn’t work. I ended up chucking that d@mned envelope. :lol: But that doesn’t mean switching up won’t work for you. :thumbsup: Enjoy!

I’m also wondering if there are cable patterns that go better together, or if all cables are created equal??

The diamond shaped cable in the main panel, at its widest point, takes up most of the width of the panel. In other words, it’s quite dominant, AND it is bordered by a 6 stitch cable on either side. So what would I be best doing for the other panel if I decide to change it? Would another big cable pattern be too much, or should I rather do a few smaller cables side by side, or ???

Hi KQ,

Have you thought about changing the BORING panel into trinity stitch maybe? :thinking:

I have several books of Aran patterns with ALL kinds of cables. If you like I’ll come up with a few different choices for you that use the same number of stitches.

I :heart: :heart: changing and rearranging on cable work.

Designing Aran knitwear is one of my FAVORITE things! :happydance:

Let me help - PU-LEASE :pray:

I’m going to work on this TONIGHT :thumbsup:


Mary, you are SO SO SO sweet!!! :heart: :heart:

The panel in question (the BORING one :lol: ) is 51sts wide. Do you have the book “Knitting on the Edge” by Nicky Epstein?? I just got it from the library today and I’m loving some of the rib/cable combo patterns. I like the 2x2 rib with travelling cables (on page 43 of the book, if you have it)…anything like that really interests me.

But I will gladly consider anything you may come up with. I want it to look balanced and also suit the other panel that I DO currently like, the one from the pattern that I linked above.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!!! :cheering:

Oh, and thank you thank you thank you :sunny:


Hey KnitQueen ~

I saw that pattern and really liked it too and was thinking about making it -are you using the suggested patons wool or did you substitute something else? I am not allowed to knit anything until I pass a test for work but I have been thinking about it for a week - I’ll have to knit vicariously through you