Anoter Crochet FO

Ok so I am suffering from knitting ADD as it is taking me to long to finish any of the projects I have on the go and I know I can crochet something quicker so I have been making Crochet things instead for a while.
This little outfit for my daughter I started yesterday afternoon and finished it this morning. I mostly worked on it while I was watching movies last night. Thought I would share. I could not find a pattern for shorts for her so I made it up as usual this time I did not write it down and not sure if I will be able to copy it again.

So cute! She’s a doll, and the shorts/top turned out great.

How cute! she is adorable and the outfit is just so precious. great job, I can’t believe you did that in a day!

What an adorable girl. The outfit is just darling!


She is so cute!

The top and shorts are really great, I’ll have to copy those for DGD at some point. Crocheted pants and shorts aren’t a problem for me, but I’ll be dipped if I can figure out how to knit them.

Anyway, good job and it sure didn’t take you very long!

How adorable! Both the outfit and your daughter!!

Great job and looks like your daughter thinks so too!!

aww what cutie! It looks great :yay:

Oh she’s darling, the outfits georgous to. :yay:

i gota learn to crochet if you can make things that fast. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, me too! Your daughter and the outfit are adorable.

Too cute!!

what a doll! & the outfit is cute too! Nice job.

beautiful complite!!!:inlove:

She’s cute. :slight_smile: Great job on the outfit. :thumbsup:

Cute outfit and love the model! You did great!!!

Very cute!

Very cute and so is the outfit.

You really crochet fast. The outfit is almost as cute as your daughter.:cheering: