Anny Blatt "FLEUR" Yarn Uses?

I am not sure if this is the right topic area but it is the closest I could find. I recently purchased a bag of yarn at a local thrift shop and it had 3 skeins of Anny Blatt “Fleur” yarn in it. Has anyone used this as a carry along novelty yarn for a felted purse? Or what other projects have you used it for? I have only experimented with it a few minutes and it seems like the little nubs end up half in the front and half in the back of the swatch even though I was using the correct needles for the gauge. It seems like it would look nice in a felted project. The fiber content is 92% Laine Wool and 8% Polyamide. Thanks in advance for any help and/or suggestions.

Hmm, can you post a pic, so we can see what’s happening? I’ve never used that yarn, so I can’t say.

I actually frogged the swatch. I did take a picture of the yarn and I hope I can upload the picture as I have never posted one on here before. There is about 4" of plain yarn between each tuft. Thanks for your reply.

I would just knit the stitches on either side of the tuft tightly, pushing it through to the right side.

That makes sense. When I have more time to fiddle with it I will try that. I was just wondering if anyone else had used it for a particular project and liked the results. Thanks again for your reply.
And it did take me a few times to get the picture in but I DID IT! :cheering:

Any time! :thumbsup: