Annoying spam

Hi all,

Hope everyone’s projects are progressing without problems!

Now: I have had my email address for almost four years without any problems. I never got spam before. However, after registering at a few free pattern websites, I am getting 8-10 spam emails a day. I know I registered at Lion Brand and Bernat, but can’t remember the others. I wish I knew which one gave out my email!!! :!!!:

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Moved it for you. I haven’t noticed any increase in spam since I’ve signed up for sites like that. Maybe my spam blocker takes care of it?

Thank you for moving my message.

I use Yahoo mail, and it’s supposed to have a spam blocker, but it isn’t catching all this. At least it isn’t vulgar spam. :oo:

Well Im only registered with Lion Brand and I only get one periodic newsletter, no spam. Maybe you should see if they have any options at the sites to opt out of advertisements ?

One knitting site…often tagged from knittingpatterncentral…demands registration before you can see (can’t think of name but the registration screen fills the page almost). I asked about that site here once and not sure I was answered. I was very reluctant to join simply because I assumed I would be spammed once I did. It’s how some sites afford to offer their freebees of course but I hate spam.

I have two emails, one for forums and such and one for spammy sites. I find it less annoying that way.

I very, very rarely get spam on either my regular email or my yahoo email and, believe me, I’ve registered on a ton of sites. I must have a good spam filter. My work email, however, is another story. I don’t use that for anything but work and you wouldn’t believe the amount. Most of it automatically goes into a junk email folder. I check and empty that every few days. If I don’t empty it for a week it will have 400+ spam emails in there.:ick:

Jan. I agree. I rarely use my desktop email for anything but business or communication with my son. Generic email addies for everything else.

I’ve had the same email address for about 10 years with the “usual” spam problems. But my spam filter has always worked exceptionally well so it wasn’t a problem, spam was generally filtered out with just a few making their way into my inbox.

But in the last few weeks my inbox has been FULL of lottery winnings and offers from foreign individuals to send me money. It’s been absolutely CRAZY, I have never seen anything like it. On another forum I am on there is the same complaint. This morning alone I had 14 “notices” that I was a winner, beneficiary or lucky person chosen to receive millions…

I think every once in a while, the spammers figure out how to elude the filters. then the filter programs catch up to what they are doing. then it starts again. I too use a disposable address for registering places.

Since I registered at Knitting on the Net I have been inundated with spam…close to 50 a day! Think I may have to change my e-mail addy…VERY frustrating (and I just KNEW when I was doing it that I shouldn’t have :hair:) Live and learn!

I know how you feel, and I am not getting as much as you. Like I said, I’ve had this particular email for about 4 years and never had a problem. I’m pretty careful about it, but obviously bombed out this time.

The “disposable” email address proposed by others is a good idea.

I definately have an e-mail address I use to sign up for all sites like that. Get a hotmail one for that purpose, it’s great.