I have a project that desperately needs to get finished. BUT I am making it in chunky weight yarn. Apparently there is no such thing as plain yellow chunky yarn and I am completely annoyed. I’ve checked Herrschners and Yarndex and I’m at a loss. I ordered some via internet and recieved some that has a twisty texture- not what I wanted ! Please help if you have any normal chunky weight in baby yellow. Thanks

Bummer. I always order/buy an extra skein when I make a project so this doesn’t happen.

Are you trying to match a specific color? It’s going to be almost impossible to have it look the same no matter what kind you choose. Your best bet may to be to choose a coordinating color or a multi to go with it.

What fiber? What are you making?

I found this one.

I belive Lionbrand makes a #5 (bulky) in their Jiffy yarn. It is a soft fluffy acrylic. In the past I have seen them in yellow and other soft colors. Go to their website and you should be able to find it.

Check out the Lion Brand website … I saw a couple of chunky yarn options offered in a solid yellow:

Depends what kind of yarn you need … are you trying to match another yarn to finish a project? Or are you just looking for a chunky yarn offered in yellow because that’s what you wanted to use?

my favorite chunky yarn is Eskimo by garnstudio. I just looked it up: they do have a yellow. But it is pretty much a egg yoke yellow. That may be something but you have to see: