Announcement: I will be moving to: Grafenwoehr, Germany

Sometime this summer. :woot:

(OK, my number 1 & 2 choices were Italy and Spain… but, this will be fine too.)

More details on my blog…

Congrats! Are you in the military? How long will you live in Germany?

No, I teach the children of the military… so, I have the same life-style ‘more or less.’… :wink:

Length? As long as I want or until I move elsewhere… which can’t happen for at least 2 years. *When you move to a new place- you have to stay there for 2 years mim…

What a wonderful job you have! You must have traveled the world.:slight_smile:
I grew up living overseas, but would love to go back and see many parts of it as an adult.
Good luck with your move and how neat to discover new places.:woohoo: