Annie Modesitt's Stitch Markers

Knitty Gritty is currently on, and Annie Modesitt is the guest. I have seen this combo corset t episode like 5 times now, and every time I wonder, where did she get those stitch markers. One is a donut, one is a fortune cookie and one is a cupcake. There are more, but those are the only ones I can make out. Does anyone know where I can get the same markers? They are so cute, I would absolutely love to have a set for my knitting.

Here is a link to them.

Thanks! They are just so darn cute! Can’t wait to get them.

Those are cute, but currency is that? :??

AUD: thought it was Australian Dollars??? Not sure.

Yep, thats Australian dollars, but you can convert it to USD

Those are adorable. It looks like they also have breakfast food and cake slices. LOL

Jan, the price shown is in Australian Dollars, but you can change the currency at the bottom of the page. The set of four is about $36 USD.

Thirty six dollars for 4 stitch markers??? :noway:

They are adorable but still – I could probably get 3 skeins of MMMMMMMalabrigo for that amount of $$$$$

Now that I could do.



Thanks for the info! A little too steep for me right now, but they are cute!

If you like the food items as stitch markers, check out this shop on etsy:

She has a number of cute markers for sale. I am waiting on the sushi ones myself.


You can usually find them on Ebay too :slight_smile: Scary Merry is the seller and she does fabulous work! Much cheaper than the other site

Sheep - set of 4
Strawberry cupcake
Eat your Veggies
Happy Flowers

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^^ tHow cute are those

Heh, I just watched that episode the other night. On tape though as we don’t get DIY in this area. I’m making the corset-t for my daughter. I always think about how cute those stitch markers are too. :slight_smile:

Where are all the manly stitch markers??? You know, beer bottles, bikini clad babes, power tools…

There were breakfast ones on the site (one was bacon). Perhaps artery clogging meat is more manly?

Hmmm, throw in some pizza and that might work.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The best I could come up with it food:

:teehee: Cute, Ingrid! What are they? Blocking pins?

Here ya go. Pizza stitch markers.

She was waiting for the rings to arrive so she could make stitch markers out of them.

How about rocks? Or beer caps?