Annie Modesitts Sideways Spencer, HELP!

Has Anyone tried Annie Modesitts Sideways Spencer? Im stuck :cry:
Ive gotten to the first sleeve, done the back and now im supposed to to the left front/neck shaping. It starts on a rs row and immdiately theres a bind off. The problem is that looking at my work on the rs Id end up binding off at the bottom, not the neck! Should I just start bindong off on my ws instead? would this work?
Any advice greatly appreciated… :muah:

Here’s the pattern-

Here is a page with errata.

Since the errata is in the same area check it first to see if it helps. I don’t have the pattern, but someone else probably does.

Thank you for that…
Although what worries me about that errata is that its for the 2004 version of this pattern. The one i am using is a rework of this pattern, called the Sideways Spencer Redux. Sorry I shouldve mentioned it earlier :frowning: Do you think this would make a difference? It seems like very different way of decreasing for the neck…

Oh! Okay here’s the pattern for that.

Since its a different pattern I wouldn’t follow that errata. I’m honestly not sure what you need to do. Someone else should be able to help soon.

Jan, thanks for the link.
Mscarmen, you started at the left cuff and split the sweater at the neck for the front and back? It seems to me that if you knit the first row of the back on the RS and turned to knit row 2 of the back, then when you get to the front sts again,you should be up to a RS row on the front. If you didn’t do that, it’s ok, just pick up the front on the WS row and when you turn to the RS, bind off. i don’t have the pattern so I’m guessing a bit as to how it goes but you’re certainly right, you don’t want the neck bind off at the bottom of the sweater!

Thanks salmonmac, I knitted up the sleeve, then on the rs of work kintted through and then on ws i turned to work on the back, finished the back, and the sts left for th front are ready on rs. BUT i can see how I can start the dec without it being on the bottom end! either way the needles go it seems I dont have a choice but to dec on the ws… The only thing I could think thats gone wrong is if i have possibly knitted the right sleeve instead of the left so everything is backwards now?!

Yes I wondered about considering this the right sleeve instead of the left (as you would wear it) but, really it’s the stitches you’ve used for the back that determine that. I don’t see that it matters as long as you pick up the pattern correctly (i.e. on the correct row) and make the neck opening where the neck normally would be. So if doing the bind off on the ws works, go ahead. A row off here or there won’t make a difference (whereas a neck opening at the bottom of the sweater would).

Oh dear, I wonder how daft could I be to mix up my right and lefts!! Ok, looks,like that’s what I’ll be doing then, I’ll bind off on the ws. I’m just hoping it won’t affect the rest of the pattern too much!
Thank you for all your help!:muah: