Annie Modesitt a bit OT

Okay, most all of you know my true Knitting Yoda, Annie Modesitt. Well, her husband has been diagnosed with terminal illness and they are having, what you can imagine, a difficult time, as you can read on her blog. After many people have asked, she has finally set up a PO Box where we who would like can send a card, whatever (it is found on her blog in this post). Some friends of her’s are putting up a website where we can donate or whatever to help, it’s not yet up, she will let us know when it is. She’s, as one would imagine, feeling badly having to ask for help, but I’m more than willing to help where I can and I thought that many of you would feel the same way!
Something that she is doing is designing this GORGEOUS dress, Red Carpet Convertible and will be made available through donations, pay whatever you wish to help them raise money.
I felt I needed to share this with ya’ll after she has done so much for the knitting community, perhaps we can help her and her family in their time of need.

Oh dear… my love goes out to Annie and Gerry.
Thanks for posting this Becka.

Wow, Becka, thanks! My heart goes out to them.

I’ll keep them in my prayers. Thanks for letting us know.

:heart: my thoughts and prayers are with them…
seeing them all surrounded by Divinely guided medical staff.