Anne Shoulder Scarf?

Hi All, I am new to this site and new to posting.
I have on my needles the Anne Shoulder Scarf and I have a couple of questions. Has anyone made this? And what is the best way to CO 2 stitches at the beginning of a row? The first row of the edging instructions reads like this: CO 2 sts, turn work and k1, k2 tog using 1 co and one live st from body of garment. This is confusing to me. Any thoughts? Thanks.

I would use knit or cable cast on. Some will use backward look cast on for jsut 2 stitches, but I’m not a fan of that cast on.

Put the needle w/all the stitches in your left hand. At the end where the working yarn is coming, cast on 2 stitches. Then proceed with directions. It says to knit the first stitch, then k2tog. this k2tog will use one of the cast on stitches you made and the last stitch from the body, before you cast on 2. Then continue whatever it says next.

Is it from Knit N Style:
I found some errata for the pattern here,