Annabelle set

Hi Everyone . :slight_smile:
Here is another set for the Annabelle doll . :slight_smile:

Another fantastic knit Rita. The little girl will be thrilled with it.

:yay: too cute!! Ya know what…it just hit me Roo has that doll :think:


Baby Annabelle is looking really cool x

Awww, that is too cute…takes me back to the dolly days…:heart:

Wow! That is one lovely outfit. The little lass will love it.

Rita, do you knit in your sleep, or what? I’ve never known anyone turn out so much knittin’ in such a short time. It’s always lovely and even as well - (makes ya sick!!! - [B][COLOR=SeaGreen]green, I am, just green with envy).[/COLOR] :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

[COLOR=Lime]Ellie [/COLOR]


I agree with Limey:noway: Just adorable as usual.Could you help me finish a few of my projects?:roflhard: Really though another out fit the little girl will love.

LOL Thanks . I think it is just that some projects are a small size and get done quicker . I am fast but not super fast .
Glad you like it Ellie.
Hey Julie !!! Thank you and send all those projects lol

It’s very cute, Rita. You always come up with such good ideas.

I have to say that the ideas are more thrown out at me lol. I was at the school minding my own business when my friend just asked me . . I would not have normally thought of dolls clothes.
I have one boy and no girls so because he does not have dolls i have never thought of doing any . Glad you liked it :slight_smile: