Anna knows Charlene Schurch!

When I was in Wellington my uncle’s wife’s Canadian father and stepmother were there, mother said to me ‘A friend of ours is a knitting designer you know?’ I said ‘oh, that’s interesting.’ ‘Yes, her name’s Charlene Schurch, with an S.’ Didn’t ring any bell… ten minutes later, Anna waves me over to the computer, showing a Google page listing her, and I see the words ‘author of Sensational Knitted Socks’. I said 'Bloody hell, she wrote that book?'
Anna clicks on a link… it seems to be a blog, there’s a photo showing pictures of wool on the blogger’s balcony, and she says 'oh yeah, I recognise that porch from her house!'
I don’t have the book, but I know how many knitters love it, and I am now unreasonably excited. Small world eh? (Kiwi version: Small world ay?)

cool!! So are you going to hook us up with a visit??? :teehee:

No, I think I’ll be imposing on them enough, as I’m seriously considering asking them to receive a couple of big shipping orders from all those companies that don’t ship outside U.S./Canada, and resending them to me here :teehee: … I’ve never seen a circ. longer than 80 cm, no alpaca available, little cashsoft-type wool, so I may order some nice flexible smooth-jointed needles… lots of lux wool… etc. I’m thinking about trying for a swap with someone in the next few months (after I knit some of what I do have) but that may not pan out because ironically, I imagine there may not be anything desireable in New Zealand that Americans can’t get!

If there is anything from NZ someone wants that the sellers won’t post overseas, let me know.