Ann Norling: pattern #12; gusset; SSK?!?!?

hi! i m a new knitter and was told this would be a fun project to start. . . i’ve reached a point in making this sock that confuses me.

Rnd 1: K
Rnd 2: At the end of needle #1 K2tog, K1. K across neddle #2. [B][U]At the beg of needle #3, K1, SSK[/U][/B]

what i would like to know is if i would have to SSK the whole way down the needle because it was the last thing mentioned, or if i must K the rest.

any help would be great!

what does it say to do next?? Hopefully that should clarify the problem.

it says repeat 2 rnds until 48 stitches remain.

i have 60 at the moment.

and there is 16 stitches on needle #3.

help?!?! HaHa

Wow!! Dang that’s bout as clear as mud!!! hmmmm… it doesn’t say turn or anything in parentheses or stuff with asterisks or anything like that in the row? Do you have a link to the pattern itself?? You would think that you would continue in stockinette stitch for the rest of the round and then repeat the last two rounds til you have the required amount of stitches left.

Well, with a k2tog at the end of needle 1, I would think you’re going to mirror that on on needle 3. BTW, it didn’t say to knit until the end of needle 1, did it, so they figured they didn’t need to say knit across needle 3…

When you are doing the gusset it should say on #1 needle knit to the last three stitches then knit two together and knit one. #2 needle knit across #3 needle knit one then ssk knit the rest of the stitches. Then knit the next round. You alternate each of these two rows until you get to the 48 stitches stated.
I hope this will help you.

I agree with gingerbread.:thumbsup: