Ann Budd's Books?

Hi folks, I’m thinking of giving myself a last minute Christmas present (what! you say? Is that even allowed??!!) :teehee:
In my house I just made it a new rule. :wink:
I was reading the shop review on Ann Budd’s Handy Book of Patterns and also had a look at the cover of her Sweater pattern book but I need to know before buying if all of her patterns are knitted on circulars or dpns. I haven’t accomplished this yet so wouldn’t want to go ahead and find I can’t knit a single pattern.
I’m sure lots of you ladies have this book or know about it, so can you give me the lowdown?
Only a few shopping days left!
thanks, Jan

The Handy book of patterns-All sweaters ,vests are on straight needles-mittens,socks,hats are on double pointed needles
Don’t know about other book,sorry

A quick look at the sweater book shows sweaters knit straight and in the round.

Thanks for looking at the books for me. Can I ask if when you say that the sweater book has them knitted straight and in rounds, do you mean that she is giving the sweaters both treatments and you can choose how you want to do it, or is it that some of the patterns are knitted straight and some are in the round, no choice? :think:
Ta again!

Cardigans are flat, in fact it looks like most sweaters are flat. Only the seamless are in the round, I believe.

Thanks Ingrid. It’s minus 6 here in Aberdeenshire - thought you might like to take that trip over here to visit this week so you can help me bring in the firewood. 2 stoves roaring, how I wish I could spend all day here chatting or at my knitting, but with the dreaded flu in our house it’s all hands at battlestations… I’ll just dream about a beautiful Ann Budd flat knitted sweater…ahhhhhhh.

:teehee: I think I’ll wait until Scotland is green. It’s about 20F here, and icy, so I think I’ll stay put.

I have the Handy Book of Patterns and I’ve found it very useful. I knit a pair of gloves from them. If and when you feel adventurous enough, you could adapt some of the patterns to be knit on whatever needles or method you want to knit them (in the round, magic loop, 2 circs, dpns, straight needles, etc.). :slight_smile: That’s what I would like to do some time. I have the Handy Book of Sweater Patterns on my Christmas list.

Early Christmas presents for yourself are completely acceptable. :teehee:

:woot:Yes! Affirmation that giving yourself stuff is OK! Christmas present buying in this house consists mostly of me buying for everyone (yes, I know that’s part of a woman’s job description) but I would like to draw the line sometimes at having to buy for myself too. Still, it means I can buy bags of yarn and knitting books with some level of impunity, stash them under the tree and look surprised about it.

Now here’s a [B]BIG[/B] surprise for me - there you are all over the ocean being American and everything, yet you know about our British-type home grown Dr Who??? Huh??? Did the Tardis land over there and I didn’t know about it? And you’re knitting his scarf? Tell me tell me tell me :cheering: all about it!

And Ingrid, I must insist that you board a plane immediately. I’m out of coal and I don’t want to go out into the shed to get it. :rofl:

Dr Who has been shown for years on our public broadcast channel, though a year or three behind. There’s plenty of the Dr’s fans on this side of the pond.


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Got series 1, 2, and 3 on DVD. Don’t tell my husband, but I got a little bit of a crush on DT. :teehee: Although it’s not fair that you get to see the Christmas special next week and we here in the US have to wait until next summer before series 4 airs here. :sad:

My husband’s been a fan since he was a teenager, and we’ve got a few of the older ones on DVD, too. I’ve gotten into the show through him. The show’s been shown over here in the US for quite some time.

By the way, there’s a Doctor Who Knit-a-long thread here, if you’re interested.

i’m going to chime in here from two angles. giving yourself something is a DEFINITE good thing. :wink:

and i HIGHLY suggest learning how to knit in the round. i initially learned by using silver’s sock tutorial. a link is in her signature. i had no one at hand to teach me, but her instructions, with many many pics, made it crystal clear. i was a bit nervy on the first few rounds, but i did it!

once you accomplish knitting with dpn’s, try knitting with 2 circs and then magic loop. they are seriously valuable skills.

i definitely prefer knitting in the round to knitting flat and having to seam. there is something so satisfying to having a garment come together with no seams! you cast off and are basically done!