Ankle down or Toes up?

Which sock pattern do you prefer and why? I’ve finally launched off into making socks (my feet are cold!!) and I found a toes up pattern that claims to be super simple, but the purist in me thinks i need to learn and get proficient doing it both ways.

thoughts? suggestions? commiserations? :roflhard:

I’ve not been around much in a long time, had to take a break from all things computer like for awhile and basically turned into a hermit for awhile but hope to be more active from now on :slight_smile: Glad to be back! :grphug:

It’s personal preferance, really. I’ve done them both ways, mostly top down but want to do some more toe ups.

Sometimes they have different heal constructions, so it’s good to try different ways till you find what fits best.

Some say toe ups are easier to try on as you go, but I’ve always tried on top down just as easily so I don’t see any difference there.

I’ve always done top down. I try reading the patterns for toe-up, but I just don’t get it. I think it’s because I don’t feel comfortable increasing stitches. I always seem to do it wrong and jumble everything up. I’ll probably try again sometime, but for now, top down works and I like it, so I’m not gonna fix what ain’t broke! :thumbsup:

So far, I prefer toe-up. So easy and you get the hard stuff (heel and toe) out of the way first, so everything else seems easy in comparison lol

Personally I prefer top down, but that may be because that’s what I’ve knit for so many years. I’ve done toe up, but find that I get bored with the pattern by the time I’ve reached the heel and I tend to make the sock shorter than what I really like.
Others like toe up because you can keep going on the leg until you run out of yarn and don’t waste that last little bit.

DonnaS, Welcome back! I knit socks both ways. I find more cuff down patterns than toe up. I am more comfortable with the cuff down, maybe because that’s what I was taught to do first. :shrug:

Either way’s ok with me. I used to mostly do toe-up because I was kitchener-phobic but once I got past that and I could graft with the best of them, it didn’t matter about the method. I do agree with Indygirl about there being more patterns for top down socks, though.