Animals on your avatar

I just wanted to tell all of you how much I enjoy seeing your animals, dogs, cats, squirrels, whatever, on your avatars. It makes my day. I need to get out pictures of my animals. Thanks, again. They are so precious!!:woot:

Your welcome. :slight_smile:

Aw, thank you. I wish I could put all of my cats on the avatar, but they don’t make one big enough.:teehee:

Kitttiiiiieeeeessssssssss :slight_smile:
We’ll be leaving our fluffies when we transfer to Japan for 3 years. At least I know we’ll get them back when we return (in-laws will be pet-sitting). We’re going to miss them soooooo much!!

I enjoy my cats. I have A LOT of pictures of my cats! I’m happy to share them. Thanks for taking the time to let us know you like them!

I don’t have either of my cats or dog but I do love my little badger with the attitude!

Yes, the badger. also. I like them all.:muah:

Thanks :thumbsup:

Thanks! My Sunshine likes you too!!

Thank you muchly! :slight_smile:

I agree that I’d love to get all my cats in one photo but I’d need a wide angle lens and they would never be so cooperative…

so Munchkin is happy to hog the limelight - he is in fact sitting just like this right now. He always sits this way and just hangs out like that with his mouth hanging open…my Dad calls it his ‘duh’ pose… :teehee:

Cyrus and I thank you too!

Thanks! I need to update Dozer’s picture. He’s now 3.5 months old and 30 pounds!

Thanks! We found the kitten in this picture on the side of the highway just as she was getting ready to wander into traffic. We looked for others figuring she had been dumped, but she was the only one. We gave her to our neighbors since we already have a houseful. The pup, Elmo, is a Pomeranian and definitely rules the house!

HEY!! Where did my avatar go?!?!? I’ll have to reload it.

Yes. I want to see them.

i just have one goat, oh and of course ds on here. i must add some more as i have 20 odd animals. i dont want to know how many it would scare me lol

i love seeing everone elses animals as well, they do put a smile on my face