Animal-free sock yarn?

Hello! I’m searching for a fingering weight self patterning yarn that doesn’t have wool or other animal in it. Any ideas? (I have tried Joann and Michaels.)

I apologize if this is in the wrong section!


I just made a pair of socks with Panda Cotton - Fiber Content: 59% Bamboo, 25% Cotton and 16% Elastic. I haven’t worn them yet but like how it worked up.

premiere yarns is wool-free and available at my local michael’s, hancock and joann. it’s also available at hobby lobby, so if you have one of those nearby, remember your 40% off coupon. just keep in mind that brand is only 50g balls, so you’ll need 2 for a pair.

Oh these look wonderful! Hmmm, I didn’t see them at my local Michaels or Joanns, but maybe I’ll try a different town (since I have to drive 10-15 miles to get to stores anyway) and see if I can find them. Very cool! Would love to see a photo of your socks!

Many thanks!


OK, I went online to Joann, and the do not show any of these available in my local store, but I will check a different Michaels.

Again, many thanks!


I just now got the ends woven in. Took me long enough but here’s your pic.