Animal ears

I am knitting animal ears, and the pattern says to cast on 12 stitches, then divide the 12 stitches into 2 dbl pointed needles, and join . This sounds impossible. Can someone explain this to me? I’ve been knitting with dbl pointed needles for years, but I don’t understand this

What you do here is divide the stitches evenly onto the two needles, then “fold in half” so the needles are parallel and the stitches are back to back, then join in the round as you would normally, using a third needle to work the stitches. It’s not a hugely common method of working flat pieces in the round from what I’ve seen, but I did it myself once when making a unicorn pattern.

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Thank you so much I’ve never seen a pattern like this before

No problem, glad I could help!

Hi I’m trying to understand this After I have the stitches divided onto 2 needles, how do I knit them with the 3rd needle Very confused do I need a marker? I don’t get it Is there a video that you can find for me and send me the link

Put the third needle tip into the first stitch on the front needle, knit into it to join them in a round. I’d recommend placing the marker around the first stitch, as this will mark both beginning of the round and front of the work. Then just knit along the front needle as normal, and flip your knitting over when you get to the end, so you can knit along the back needle (it will probably feel fiddly to do at first).
This video was the only one I could find that specifically used 2 DPNs for the stitches:

Thank you I’m going to try again You are so nice to help me I couldn’t find a video It seems like such a wierd way to knit

No problem, glad I could help :slight_smile:

Me too! I had tried to do this (given in a pattern for knitting a small bunny), and eventually (sadly) gave up. I still have the yarn & pattern though, so with your help and this video, I’m going at it again – it looks doable!!