Angry birds


my 5 years old nephew is mad about angry birds, I wanted to knit him a scarf, with them, but I cannot find a pattern… Does anyone know of any?

Many thanks…

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there are charts to use for hats or scarves here:
and lots of patterns on Ravelry (free to join)

Thank you, he will love it!!!

thank you, I think it is very useful :slightly_smiling_face:

You can also buy or print knitter’s graph paper to design your own motifs - you don’t have to be super artistic to do it, either! I can draw pretty well anyway, but I just make rough sketches on the paper at the dimensions I need the motif(s), then draw straight lines where they make sense. I’d recommend printing over buying because then you can set it to your own knitting gauge, so the pictures will come out more accurately when knitted.