Angora hats

LOVE making these. After 7 years of having angora rabbits, I’ve found a use for the waste or “junk” fiber. The orange & blue bumpy yarns in these were dye experiments gone wrong. The blue was pure wool, the orangey was wool/angora. I plied them with a strand of lumpy bumpy white angora from my “junk” fiber bag!! This is stuff I would have thrown out. The yarn is thick and the hats can be made in one evening! Not only that, they sell better than the “good” ones out of prime, smooth angora.
Can we embed images on this forum?

So cute! I bet they super soft, too!

Yes, very soft & fluffy. Where are the links about the charity hats? These would be good for that.

very cute and they just look so soft!

Cute hats. It’s funny what you said about the “junk” fiber hats selling better than the “nicer” ones. These “use up the mistakes” hats pushed you to be creative and people like them, so that is what counts.

:yay:they look great!

Lumpy bunny hats, very cute! Love the colorways.

Oh my…those look so soft!!!

Very nice. And resourceful too! :thumbsup:

Beautiful! and they look SO soft!!

Those look so squishably soft!! Very nice!

Lovely, so soft looking!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I love these too!:yay:
The colour brings out the softness of the angora and makes the hats look and feel more sturdy.
I love angora but I’m allergic to it.