Angled uneven stitches in stockinette.. knitting in the round.

Hi, new here. I have been scouring the internet to try to find out what is going on with my sweater that I am trying to make. I am knitting in the round. I’m knitting in stockinette. MOST of my stitches are even and look the same, but every so often there is a small spurt of uneven stitches. They slant at an angle like a strong wind has blown them over. I have tried tugging and pulling to solve this issue, but it didn’t work (bummer). I’m really concerned about it because my sweater is mostly done in stockinette, and I have already started three times. I don’t even know what is causing this issue. I have seen some information on ‘rowing out’, but I don’t know if this is what is happening. It’s not between knit and purl rows, and I’m knitting in the round like I said. I’m not always able to knit in ideal circumstances but I am trying to be more conscious of tension changes as I’m knitting. However I can’t catch every fluctuation! Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated!! I really want to save this sweater. Thank you!

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Please, if possible, could you make a picture of the problem?

Yes. I have a pic here. Sorry I didn’t realize how to upload before. This is after blocking. I wanted to see if it would make a difference. It smoothed it out a bit, but it’s still there. Was more noticeable before though :confused:

If you click on the pics, you can see the whole thing which shows it better.

It looks like you have twisted the stitches. It is times like this I wish I could show you in person how to fix this because the solution is very easy but with my limited English skills I struggle with how to explain it.

If you stretch out as much as possible a live stitch sitting on a needle you will notice it got a right and a left “leg”. Normally stitches are mounted in a such way that the right leg is in front of the needle and the left leg is behind the needle. However, it is possible to end up with stitches mounted the other way (left leg in front of the needle and right leg behind). When knitting Continental Combined one is making this mount by choice in some circumstances, but a “normal” knitter might also accidentally mount stitches in this way. It happens when you by mistake wrap the yarn the other way around the needle when you create a stitch or if you drop a stitch and accidentally pick it up the other way.

When you try to knit a “wrong mounted” stitch you will notice it is slightly more difficult to knit it in your normal way. Normally you would insert the needle from the left side of the stitch. If you encounter a “wrong mounted” stitch you insert it from the right side of the stitch. Or you remount it the normal way and then knit it in the normal way.

This all would be super easy to show in person.

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