Angel Yarns customer service

I ordered some needles from a couple of weeks ago. I revieved one set straight away but knew i might have to wait a little for the others to come into stock.
So today i got a package :happydance: in the mail and was all excited.
IT was my new DPNs!! but no they where the wrong size needles, they where 4mm instead of 2mm :doh:

so i rang up their customer service told them what happened and the helpfull bloke on the other end of the phone said … Oh sorry about that Sophie, our mistake, we have the 2mm here and will send them out today. OH and don’t worry about sending back the mm needles, you can keep them on us.’ :woohoo:

how great is that for customer service! yay for angel yarns!!

And really sensible as well as gracious. Great ‘gift’! :slight_smile:

Yay! Love to hear about good customer service.

Hi Sophie
That is really great…I shop quiet a lot at Angel yarns mostly for sock yarn and I have spoken to the owners a few times…They are so pleasant and helpful so it doesn’t suprise me you were told to keem the needles they had sent out to you by mistake…