Angel Wings blanket

Just off the needle, hasn’t been washed. Angel Wings baby blanket from Creative Knitting May 2009. Used Baby Bee Sweet Delight Twist, color was pink-a-boo. Very soft yarn. Made for my new granddaughter Lillianne born 9/20/10.:heart:

Oh, my! That is the most beautiful blanket! I love that st pattern. :inlove:

And, congrats on the granddaughter!

Thanks, Bambi. It was a fun pattern and it does look like angel wings. Can’t wait to wrap my little granddaughter up in it.

The blanket is beautiful, and such an unusual design. Your stitches are so even – and not even washed yet. The baby is sure to love it!

That’s so pretty. I’m sure she will look adorable in it, I should say MORE adorable as I’m sure she’s already beautiful! Congratulations!


I love it. She was born on my birthday, which to me is a sign this is THE blanket for my baby. Would love the pattern.

that is just as sweet as can be! lovely! :heart:

[B]That is a [SIZE=3]really[/SIZE] pretty pattern and knit quite perfectly.[/B]

A lace I have never seen before. I will have to knit a practice piece to save.

Congratulations on the new addition to your family.
You will have such fun knitting for your grand daughter.:knitting:

Thanks, Jan. This is our first grandchild too so of course we think she is really special.

Well you definitely need this pattern since you share her birthday! I am not sure how I do that since it is in a magazine, don’t know if I can copy the pattern and send it or just how I am supposed to do it. Maybe someone here can tell me if I can copy it and send it to you?

Thank you so much for the compliment! The pattern is in Creative Knitting magazine May 2009 if you can get hold of it, or I am allowed to give you just the basic pattern repeat? I still am not completely sure of the dos and don’ts on patterns

I love a good brain challenge and I think I have it figured out.
I’ll be sure to let you know how I do. :mrgreen:

Wow, I really admire those of you who can look at something and figure out the stitches. I would be so lost without written patterns. Please let me know if you do this without the actual pattern. Really amazing to me that some of you can do that. I am in awe!

great blanket! Very well made and nice subtle color choice!

Beautiful pattern! Love the color choice too! I’m sure it will be cherished by your new granddaughter for years to come. :hug:

Wow … it’s gorgeous!! I think I have that mag - will have to look up that pattern. Love it!

Lovely blanket all around. The color made me go, “ooooo” (good thing). Nice stitch too. Will make such a nice wrap up for the little one.

That turned out just lovely! I’ve been eyeing that pattern – maybe I’ll try it next time. Good choice on the color, too.

That is absolutelly gorgeous! You did a great job! linknit41