Angel wings beanie

Like the old adage, when life hands you a bunch of lemons, make lemonade. Well, the red and white slouch hat I posted was my lemon. I had to set the colors so they wouldn’t run and then I washed it, in cold water and by hand and the red yarn shrank and the white yarn stretched all out so badly it ended up looking like those caps women used to wear over their curlers. :hair:

So, here is my “lemonade” so to speak. This one fits great, looks cute and is acryllic yarn so won’t shrink or stretch out.
You can’t see the pattern very well as I tried everything including photographing almost in the dark, but photographing white is a nightmare so I gave up. Best I could do.

That’s a bummer that your red and white hat turned sour on you!! But this one is adorable, too. I can see the pattern pretty well, and it’s beautiful.

So sorry your red and white hat went south on you. I hate it when that happens… Your lemonade hat though, came out quite sweet!

Oh that’s too bad. Were they different types of yarn?

The white one looks lovely!

Yes, and I knew it might be an issue, but I made mittens using both and they came out fine after being washed. It was stash yarn and the white was even a partial ball so it is no loss.

Well, I like lemonade! :slight_smile: The pattern is nice and this hat looks elegant.

I like it. The pattern came out beautifully and the beanie looks perfect in white. It’s a definite success!

It’s a beautiful hat! Congrats! :thumbsup: